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Xinjiang Art Center Project Snapshot

The project is located at Youhao road, on the south side of Xinjiang People's Hall in Urumqi. Its GFA is 64400 m2, including 12000 m2 in renovation of the 1965 “Soviet Style” old building. The 1994 building will be demolished and in its place, an addition of 52400 m2 will be built. The new addition will feature an architectural style that symbolizes the renowned "Xinjiang Dance”, with dynamic flow of massing and detailing of contemporary building ornaments.

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Kevin Xiang Chief Designer
Towards New Civic Architecture >>> Kevin Xiang


Civic buildings by their nature are built to serve the communities and enrich the lives of the general public. From the perspective of planning and architecture, civic buildings should serve as community centers and nuclei of the city. Throughout history, good civic buildings can be found in Hellenic Greece, to Republic of Rome and in democratic urban centers in Europe and other places in the world. Citizens of society should be able to walk leisurely from libraries, museums, to recreational centers and to meeting halls. These civic buildings should work as magnets to draw society together. Civic buildings should also be urban spatial generators that help to help to define public spaces such as squares, forums, courts and parks.
To us, civic buildings are libraries, museums, recreational buildings, exhibit halls. Civic buildings also include translations, airport terminals,bus stations and … Parks, squares and market streets also have civic spaces built in. Theaters and stadia are also perfect places for ….
The important qualities of good civic buildings should include sense of openness, equality, dynamics and vigor. It should be .. Civic buildings should have creative programs, those... It should have shared functions with commerce, and be mixed with... Civic buildings should be catalysts and anchor the urban revitalization effort for any society.

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