Design Philosophy

GSaaN's name speaks of a design philosophy:

We approach each design challenger from a synthensis of the four aspects;
We examine the social benefits and environmental impact of each design solution;
We are dedicated artisans aiming at industry standards;
We are building on architecture for all complex projects;
We are endineering each components of an overal system.

With commitment and passion,G Saan strives to create healthy communities
and bridging cultural differences and evolutional varieties into meaningful
and harmonious human environments.

G SaaN prices itself in helping clients achieve their unique vision and dream,
with expert team,dedicated ethics and scientific methodology.


We dwell in a society and benefit from the wellbeing of a large whole.We seek opportunities to build a better society.Our thoughts,our work and our lives are devoted to this goal.


We are dedicated professionals,strive to pefecting our skills and crafts to improve the standards of our trades as designers and engineers. 


We seearchitecture as a term to define a holistic process and the product of planning,designing and constructing of a structrue to an established set of goals.


We see nature as being the physcial environment taht needs proper stevardship.As design professionals for built enviroment,we draw inspiration from nature and always seek out the better ways to balance the man-made with nature.

Featured Project

Anbang Corporate Headquarters & Complex

The project is located in Jinzhan High-Tech Economic Zone of Beijing the Beijing International Airport. The fast-growing Anbang insurance co. wants this project to be the state of art headquarters which includes customer service, research and training, hotel, office, and staff housing.  The overall GFA is about 110,000 SM. The design was inspired by local Beijing cultural symbology.  The site plan configuration resembles a traditional jade Ruyi, which is a Chinese royal mascot for luckiness and harmony. The water feature symbolizes open ocean whereas the four buildings represent large cobblestones, which in China culture are symbols of stable, solid and durable, a wishful analogy for Anbang enterprise. The celebrated circular enclosure space at the end of complex creates a sense of home, which Anbang company advocates as their central scheme of their corporate culture.

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