JJ Lanzo
Architecture Leader

Registered Architect in France and Germany

Email: jj lanzo@g-saan.com

It's natural to think that living things must be the handiwork of a designer. But it was also natural to think that the sun went around the earth. Overcoming naive impressions to figure out how things really work is one of humanity's highest callings.

Jean-Jacques (JJ) is a sensitive architect as well as a skilful lighting designer. He graduated with professional degrees from France and Germany. He has done numerous projects in Europe, Mid-East, Asia and Africa, ranging from commercial, office, industrial, housing and infrastructure. He had championed a master planning project to help the Republic of Senegal with its agricultural and urban regional development. He has completed various architectural and interior design projects for private and public clients. In the lighting design, he is even more active in all sectors of the field including urban and landscape lighting, architectural lighting, and lighting for stage, exhibits, and special events. He has been offering lectures of lighting design in China. 

Featured Projects

Hangzhou Zhong Dong River in Hangzhou, China
Axum City Tourism Lighting Master Plan Ethiopia
Qianhai Exhibition Center in Shenzhen, China
WangJing Soho in Beijing, China
Vanke Changchun Development in Changchun, China
G Charlton Resort Hotel in Sanya
Bouygues Headquarters in Ashgabat Turkmenistan

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