Patrick Parsons


Ireland Office Director

Project Strategist

Retail Design Consultant


We develop when differences and diversity are seen as sources of strength and inspiration.

Patrick had worked in the Chinese real estate market for over 15 years and is widely recognized as one of the rst true
western developers in Beijing. He has broad, hands-on experience in research, marketing, sales, design, and
construction with some of the most renowned projects in China. Patrick has keen observations in real estate market,
and oers unique perspectives in development, and provides valuable insights in design. His strengths include
feasibility and marketing positioning analysis; commercial real estate market plans and investment analysis. Patrick
speaks uent French, Chinese and Cantonese. He is well-versed in Chinese culture and customs, understanding rules
and customs of engagement in business.

Featured Projects

Tianjin Economic Development Area
Liberty State Park
Jersey City, New Jersey
Nanshan Mountain Cultural Tourism Zone
Yonglidan Town Center
Waterfront Villa / Calicunta Ibiza, Spain
Fifth Avenue New York
Binjiang Digital City
Lenox Avenue New York
Frederick Douglas Boulevard New York
Manhattan Hotel and Condominium Prishtina
Fifth on the Park New York

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