Rick L Jin


Great China Business Leader

American Institute of Architects (AIA)
American Planners Association (APA)
Registered Architect in Texas

Email: rick.jin@g-saan.com

Keeping priorities in order is the most important aspect for a project. We should always know client’s objective. From the time a project program is given, through countless hours of brainstorming for a good concept, until the very last time visiting the project site, we should always remember what we set out to accomplish.

Rick is a registered architect in the State of Texas with over twenty years of professional experience. He has completed many projects in North America, Asia,Middle East and Africa. He has done project types ranging from civic,universities and research, commercial, hotels and resorts, and residential projects. Rick is a member of the American Planning Association (APA) and the American Institute of Architects (AIA). He is a versatile designer in the field of architecture and urban planning. Rick is a skillful project manager especially on complex projects, for both public and private clients. Rick had served as a member of City of Dallas’s Urban Design Advisory Committee during 2004 till 2006. He founded the Beijing o‑ce of G|SaaN in 2006, and was named an“Outstanding Entrepreneur” in the 3rd Summit of Overseas Chinese Entrepreneurs in China.

Featured Projects

Beijing ABP Headquarters Plaza Complex 
Ethiopia Beijing Embassy, China 
China Stock Exchange Beijing Corporate Center, China
TST New World Center Mall in Kowloon, Hong Kong
Marco Polo Hotel in Tianjin, China
Engineering & Computer Science Complex, The University of Texas at Dallas, Texas
Fondren Science Building, Southern Methodist University Dallas
Dedman Life Sciences Building, Southern Methodist University, Dallasas

Tanggangzi New Town Central District Master Plan, China
Tianjin Tuanbo Lake Sports New Town Master Plan, China
Xi’an Qinmei Tourism District Master Plan
Tianjin Tuanbo Lake Film Park Master Plan
Beijing New Airport Master Plan

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