Cover Story: Campus Landscape Master Plan for BUAA

Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics (BUAA) is China’s top university dedicated to the field of aviation and aerospace. It is located at in Haidian District in Beijing. G|SaaN designers provided design for a total landscape improvement of the campus. The project area is about 21 hectares. The design follows an ideology of “Bright-scape, Unique-scape, Active-scape, Acknowledge-scape", which coincides with the University's English abbreviated name BUAA. These four objects of project will set various agenda and implementation plan, which will elevate the entire BUAA campus to aligns with the first tier colleges and universities in the world.

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SCOPE OF SERVICE Landscape Architecture

G|SaaN’s landscape architecture has always been an integral component of our entire professional enterprise.  Our landscape architects complement planners, architects and engineers in creating good quality places. G|SaaN seeks to blend landscape architecture with horticulture, geo-science, ecology, arts, and architecture. Either in urban settings or in rural ones, G|SaaN's mission is to renew sustainability to our environment.


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