Repairing Environmental deterioration

Ecofarm as a model of tourism is currently in high gear. The idea of incorporating working farm and farm-to-table practice into luxury living and tourism has presented a sensible new way of project economics, which, in the meantime, helps to promote a much needed ecological re-balancing.

On a recent project located 40 km from Wuhan, SaaN’s team explores a sustainable model of agricultural resort. The existing vegetation as seen in aerial photos reveal shocking deterioration during the last 2-3 years. 

Our design lays out steps to first repair ecological damages and fit eco-friendly resort structures into the environment. There are three nearby villages which will be protected and indigenously brought into the resort. There are farmhouses, farm grounds and fields, eco houses, a fishing boat harbor, conference and recreational facilities and restaurants.

The design provides an enviable lifestyle of organically and freshly grown food for resort guests and long-term residents. Do-it-yourself activities include not only farming, but also fishing, boating, hunting, and even building of the later phases of the resort.

The main building is open and designed to breath with surrounding nature, a completely passive energy efficient structure. The entire resort is built of locally available materials with a vernacular architectural style. 

Once complete, this resort will become a unique ecological sanctuary for urban dwellers around the region.


Eco Bamboo Resort


Innovation by Adaptation

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