Eco Bamboo Resort

Building with renewable materials and sustainable resources is the main idea for SaaN’s recent eco-resort project. This project is in the foothills of the great Qin-ling mountain range. This scenic region is becoming one of the hot spots for international tourists as they extend their visits to Xi’an, which is only about 100 km at its north. 

SaaN's design adapts and expands an existing farming compound into an agricultural resort with do-it-yourself vegetable gardens, dining, outdoor playgrounds, hiking trails and eco cabins that are made of bamboo, wood, clay and other local materials.

The phase 2 development will have larger eco villas that will further blend in with the surrounding hills. The existing riverbed will serve as buffer to the luxury villas from phase 1 development that contains more active functionalities. The two sides will also be paired with connecting roads and paths.

The distinct architectural feature of this resort is the widely use of bamboo. The architect uses this locally abundant material for walls, floors, columns, roofs, and even the entire umbrella shaped structure at the outdoor area. Visitors will be inspired by the warmth and versatility of this bamboo creation.


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