Northeastern Asia's Intermodal Logistics Park

GSaaN has recently won the first prize on a design competition for the Northeastern Asia's Intermodal Logistics Centre Park in Changchun. The park property of about 3,700,000 square meters (about 915 acres) is located in the northern edge of Changchun city in China. GSaaN’s winning design proposes an intermodal terminal of 600,000 TEU capacity for Year of 2020, which will include four standard railway docks, a large container yard, and all supporting facilities within the modern terminal. There are complete arrays of logistics operations that serve the entire region will cold-chain, bio-medical, e-commerce, cross-border trade, light manufacturing, and whole-sale distribution of goods. The logistics park will yield about 1,800,000 square meters of total building area when fully built in year of 2025. 


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