Designing for Stewardship

The term “stewardship” refers to responsibilities of a shepherd and the guarding of valuables, like in phases of “data stewardship", "marine & forestry stewardship”, and "product stewardship”. Environmental stewardship is regarded as fundamentally important in today’s world. It helps to reinforce the idea of sustainable growth and innovation while protecting the environment. As design professionals, G|SaaN firmly believes in the idea of maintaining a balance in man-made environment and natural resources. It is critical to realize that we as humans should protect out earth as home, manage and guard its resources. "Designing for Stewardship” should be the number mission for planners, architects, and other designers for generations to come.

Over-building is becoming a threat to China’s economy and environment. Many projects got started in a hurry without careful preparation of funding, market research and project goals, etc. Many projects go bankrupted before complete. In Tianjin, there is such a large scale failed project that had been sitting idle for eight years. Recently a new owner purchased the development project. G|SaaN has joined the team to convert this building into a 5-star hotel. G|SaaN’s design includes measures to maximize effect with least amount of alteration, and hence avoid wasting material and money. The team's goal is to create a thriving hotel from a dying building, which will serve as an anchor for a large shopping complex and bring life to its surrounding neighborhood.

Preserving cultural and historical heritage is an important part of design stewardship for built environment. G|SaaN pays great attention to cultural and historical preservation, especially when dealing with landmark buildings that are on the protection lists. Recently, G|SaaN is invited to examine an historical mansion outside the City of London. G|SaaN studies the significance of its Georgian style in architecture, interior decoration, furniture and art. G|SaaN hopes to repair and restore this 19th century residence to its original glory. For the intended contemporary use of the headquarters building of a higher-ed and cultural exchange agency, G|SaaN designers explore ways to add and delete structural elements without damaging the building’s structural integrity and aesthetics.


Design for Healthy Living

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