Taking TOD and MTD to Next Level

Transit Oriented Development (TOD) refers to the mixed-use development project near a public transportation facility. These development would typically include retail, residential, hotels and offices. The idea is to promote high integration urban functional blocks with dynamics of transportation and circulation. In many cities in Europe and Asia, TOD’s have been used as effective ways to minimize big city epidemics such as urban sprawl and traffic jam. People are content to live and work in communities by public transit to enjoy less, and self-contained healthy urban life.  

In mega-size cities, Multimodal Transportation District (MTD’s) are getting built to link several forms of transportation with one hub and provide a large mixed-use community to support and feed off it. Such multi-modal hubs may include transports such as rail, highway, waterway and air freight.  In North America, neither TOD’s nor MTD’s have gotten enough attention as compared to the rest of the world. This is due to heavy dependency on personal vehicles. In recent years, some metro areas in North America are trying to promote ridership of public transit, by building TOD’s along certain transit corridors. Cities like New York City and Chicago even planned large MTD’s along metro lines and light rail depots.

G|SaaN is a strong proponent of TOD’s and MTD’s. G|SaaN designers were involved recently in the early master plan stage of China’s Dalian New Airport, which is being planned on a reclaimed island along the city’s northern shoreline. Several TOD’s and MTO’s are being planned along with the airport, including a harbor city and an aero-city. G|SaaN’s another recent TOD project is in Jinan City, where a high density mixed-used community is to be built in front of the city's large high-speed railway station.

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